A Trailblazing Gathering For 
Christian Entrepreneurs!

January 31 - February 1, 2025

Dekalb Conference Center | 495 North Indian Creek Drive

Atlanta - Clarkston, GA

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Welcome to the Design of God Conference!

Are you a Christian entrepreneur facing the complexities of integrating your faith with your business ambitions?

Do you encounter challenges like maintaining spiritual integrity in a competitive market, feeling isolated in your journey, or striving for consistent profitability? 
These struggles can often lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and uncertain.
The Design of God Conference is your source of empowerment and clarity.

This conference is a nurturing ground for like you, where entrepreneurship and spirituality unite in harmony. Through enriching teachings, soul-stirring worship, and actionable workshops, you'll learn to navigate these challenges with poise and certainty.

Picture the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from overcoming these obstacles. Imagine aligning your business endeavors with your spiritual mission, achieving ethical success, and connecting with a community of fellow Christian entrepreneurs.

The Design of God Conference is keenly aware of these specific challenges. 
Our goal is to equip you with strategies, insights, and a supportive network to turn these hurdles into opportunities for growth and success. 
The Design of God Conference is keenly aware of these specific challenges. Our goal is to equip you with strategies, insights, and a supportive network to turn these hurdles into opportunities for growth and success. 

Here, you'll find the resources and community to thrive in your business while remaining steadfast in your faith.

Don't let these challenges overshadow your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Register now for the Design of God Conference, and take a pivotal step toward thriving in your business with your faith as your guiding light.

Why You Should Attend...

  • Integrate Faith in Your Business: Learn to interweave your Christian values into your business operations, ensuring practices that reflect your deepest beliefs and convictions.
  • Create Lasting Connections: Find comfort and empowerment within a network of Christian women entrepreneurs. You are part of a supportive and understanding group.
  • Learn from Expert Voices: Absorb invaluable insights from speakers who have successfully combined faith and entrepreneurship.
  • Address Your Business Challenges: Tackle the issues of maintaining profitability and balance while upholding Christian integrity in today's competitive business environment.
  • Grow Your Business: Transform your business into a reflection of your faith, making a significant impact in your industry.

Join us for the transformational Design of God Conference 2025 on January 31 - February 1, 2025, where you will connect with fellow believers, experience dynamic teachings, and uncover your divine purpose!

Discover the Power of Your Faith-Driven Entrepreneurial Journey at the Design of God Conference 2025.


Who is this conference for?

The Design of God Conference is a pivotal experience specifically tailored for Christian entrepreneurs from various spheres and stages in their professional journey. This conference is the perfect setting for those who fall into the following categories:

Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs ➤➤➤
Entrepreneurs who align their entrepreneurial objectives with their spiritual beliefs. This conference offers insights into how faith can influence and guide business decisions, creating a business practice that is both ethical and successful.
Purpose-Driven Businesswomen ➤➤➤
Entrepreneurs seeking to understand their divine calling in the business world. The conference offers a path to discover how their professional lives can reflect and fulfill their spiritual purpose.
Community Influencers ➤➤➤
Those who understand the power of a faith-based entrepreneurial community. This conference provides opportunities to network, build relationships, and contribute to a supportive community of like-minded businesswomen.
Integrators of Faith and Career ➤➤➤
Professionals looking to incorporate their Christian beliefs into their business models and practices. The conference offers strategies and examples of how to successfully navigate this integration.
Spiritual and Business Mentors ➤➤➤
Leaders, coaches, and mentors in the spiritual and business realms who seek to guide others. Attendees can gain new perspectives, teaching methods, and connections with fellow leaders.
Continual Learners in Faith and Business ➤➤➤
Those who are ever-eager to expand their knowledge and skills in both their spiritual walk and business acumen. The conference provides a wealth of workshops and teachings to satisfy this thirst for knowledge and growth.


Prophetess Kay Nash

Messenger, Prophetess, Glory Carrier, YouTuber, Christian Speaker, Author, Mom & Wife

Kay Nash is a prophetic messenger of the Lord. She has been in full time ministry for about 10 years serving the people as a prophet. Kay is mainly known for her YouTube channel where she was a pioneer on the platform. Kay was the first person to release a monthly prophetic word on the platform; changing her ministry and the platform forever. 

Kay has trained many people in the prophetic who have gone on to launch their own ministries and affect people worldwide with the Word of God. Kay’s channel has 6 million views and over 42,000 subscribers. She is viewed by people in 56 different nations.
Kay also has a weekly Christian Television show where she equips people in the Word of God and delivers timely prophetic words.

Kay has also written 7 books and released 6 CDs to help people in their spiritual walks with God. She and her husband also created The Prophetic Journal which helps people have daily spiritual discipline before the Lord.

For 11 years (before her official ministry even started) Kay has been a sought after conference speaker who carries the Glory of God, heals people, delivers them, prophesies over them and speaks timely and educational messages to encourage people in their walk with God.

Before all of this Kay worked as a Television News Producer for several different companies such as The Washington Post, NBC and CBS affiliates, and Christian Television talk shows as a Producer and Talent.

She has shared her testimony and Words on local and national platforms and is known for her timeliness and accuracy.

When she is not working in ministry she loves decorating and spending time with her son and husband in their home in South Florida.

Dr. Renee Sunday, M.D.

the kingdom builder - Anesthesiologist, media mogul, ordained minister & podcaster

Dr. Renee Sunday, an award-winning, board-certified Anesthesiologist, carries a passion to act as a catalyst and inspire individuals to move towards their destined path. She is an esteemed founder of DRS Global and Renee Sunday Enterprises, including Sunday Publishing Company, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess.

Not just limited to the medical field, Dr. Sunday has also successfully planted her roots in the media industry. She is a prominent podcaster, television personality, and the esteemed host of the Good Deeds TV Show and Magazine. Through her podcast show, she channels her wisdom and uplifts her audience. 

Her life took a spiritual turn growing up in a Christian family, where her interest in spirituality and philanthropy led her to become a minister. Realizing people's struggles in their spiritual journeys, she felt the need to guide them.

Dr. Sunday thrives on being a tool in God's Plan, extending love, compassion, and a high standard of care to others. Her mission is to empower people to bring their message to the world, believing that everyone has a purpose, a calling, and a unique reason to be alive. She acknowledges that people often question their existence and purpose in life and assures them that one's purpose can span across multiple areas reflecting their diverse interests.


Shay Samuels

Business extraordinaire - award - winning psalmist, President Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, Female vocalist of the year 

Meet Coach Shay Samuels, the visionary behind Let’s Talk Business Consulting Group, LLC. As the proud owner since 2020, Coach Samuels embarked on this journey amid the global pandemic, driven by the desire to revolutionize business strategies for new entrepreneurs. Recognizing a crucial missing element among clients – a resilient mindset – Shay took a transformative step and pursued education to become a certified Life & Business Coach.

Coach Shay's dedication is fueled by a passion for guiding clients to fully embrace their Purpose. Through meticulously designed workshops and training classes, attendees delve into the realms of Purpose, Hospitality, and Leadership development. Let’s Talk Business Consulting Group, LLC, extends its impact through coaching and consultancy services, paving the way for individuals to chart successful development paths.

Elevate your journey to purposeful and prosperous business endeavors!


LaWanna Bradford

visionary entrepreneurial leader, Business Growth & Strategy Leader, Speaker, TV producer COO - The Bradford Group, LLC

LaWanna Bradford is a visionary entrepreneurial leader. With over three decades of strategic and performance acumen, she propels the growth of federal entities, private enterprises, and budding entrepreneurs. 

As COO of The Bradford Group mortgage brokerage and Principal of The Bradford Group Consulting, LaWanna drives industry evolution with a customer-centric approach, boosting client bottom-lines.

LaWanna's influence spans prominent media like Market Watch and Business Trendsetters. Her e360TV programs amplify women's voices and challenge hindering norms. As Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awardee, international best-selling author and speaker, LaWanna empowers individuals, nurturing their potential for a brilliant future.


Q: What is the Design of God Conference?
A: The Design of God Conference is an empowering event specifically tailored for Christian women entrepreneurs. It focuses on integrating professional ambitions with spiritual growth, providing a platform for personal and business development through a faith-based lens.
Q: Who should attend the Conference?
A: This Conference is particularly designed for Christian entrepreneurs who seek to align their business endeavors with their spiritual values. It's ideal for those who are navigating the complexities of running a business while maintaining their Christian beliefs, including business leaders, mentors, and those committed to lifelong learning in both faith and entrepreneurship.
Q: What can I hope to gain from attending?
A: Attendees can expect to gain valuable strategies for aligning their business with their faith, connect with a supportive network of Christian entrepreneurs, and receive guidance from experienced leaders who understand the unique challenges faced in this journey. The conference offers a blend of spiritual enrichment and practical business advice, along with the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a community of like-minded individuals.
Q: Are there sponsorship opportunities available?
A: Yes, we have various sponsorship packages available for individuals and organizations wishing to support the event. Details can be found on our website.
Q: Is financial assistance available for attendees?
A: We strive to make our conference accessible to all. If finances are a barrier, please reach out to us at info@getpurposenow.com. We'll do our best to assist you.
Q: What safety measures are in place due to COVID-19?
A: We prioritize the health and safety of our attendees. We are closely following local health guidelines and will communicate any specific safety measures closer to the event date.



495 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021

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